Hello Adam,

Thanks for taking time from your very busy schedule to read my message.

I wanted you to know that I first time I came to know of you was in early 2009, which was during your San Francisco audition for American Idol. At that time, I was flabbergasted by your singing ability and felt compelled to follow your performances, whenever and wherever I could.

In my heart, I felt that everyone would enjoy hearing you sing. Many would be inspired by you, and like myself, would want to follow you on your journey to the top of the entertainment industry. To this end, I began blogging about you on a large Japanese community blogging site. I consolidated bits and pieces of information I gathered from my daily visits to numerous American gAdam fanh websites. I translated this exciting news into Japanese so that I could share whatfs happening with you with your news hungry and rapidly growing fan base in Japan, which regrettably, lacked the ability to follow you as closely as I could in English.

There is so much information on American websites about you, and so little on Japan websites, that I felt a burning desire to share all of the great news I could gather about you and your activities with your Japanese speaking fans around the world. With this in mind, I decided to establish my own website and blogging service, known as gAdamholich (www.adamholic.com). I didnft promote the site, but as I added more and more translated content, the visitors to my site increased from about 10 to 20 visitors per day to now well over 30,000 visitors per day. This tells me that Japanese fans are eager to know more about the amazing Adam Lambert, and are willing to support you in the Japan market. I feel it is my duty to help Japanese who do not posess strong English language skills understand whatfs happening in your world. In doing so, I believe they will come to appreciate and support you even more.

It is my pleasure to work hard scouring the web daily, finding every little tidbit about you that may be of interest to your exploding Japanese fan base. We love the range of your voice, your electrifying stage performances, your charming smile, your sexy moves, your sincere attitude towards everything, your quick wit, and of course; your honesty. I truly believe, as my followers do, that you are going to be a mega-star, and I want you to know that you have changed and inspired my life in ways I never thought were possible.

I have more energy, passion, and feel alive just following your daily activities. This Summer, I flew from Japan to Tacoma for your second Idolfs road tour performancecjust to see you! At that time, I was so fortunate to receive your autograph and the photos you see on my site were taken at that event. It was a fulfilling and dreamlike experience for me to see you live, and I can never forget it. Also, thank you for taking time to visit with your fans at the event.

I will keep continue to keep "Adamholic" active for your devoted Japanese fans for as long as I can, and thank you very much for auditioning for American Idol, and showing the world how talented you really are. I think I can speak for the majority of your fans in saying that we love and respect you so much, and are willing to support all of your new projects. We all look forward to your Japan visit, hopefully in the very near future.

I heard that you may check my website, so I asked the Japanese gAdamholicsh to leave a message for you. Many are uncomfortable in writing a message to you in English, but they asked me to convey that gwe send our love and support for Adamh. I know you are extremely busy right now with many new and exciting projects, but if you have a moment, please visit my site to see the strong support for you from Japan.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work, and we are all looking forward to hearing your original music soon.

Mega-love and support from Japan for a superstar,

bani (Adamholic)


Link to Japanse Adamholics messeges


bani@adamholic.com | http://twitter.com/bani_

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