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Four Adam Lambert outfits down under

オーストラリアのNOVA FMの電話インタビューに答えた音源です。 Hughesy, Kate and Ed caught up with Adam Lambert this morning to preview his Melbourne concert in October. The glammed-up pop star told them his show involved two major costume changes plus some removing of jackets etc. Wonder if one of the outfits includes the super tight purple, black and shiny tights that [...]

GN: Roanoke, VA

今日の中継はものすごく音が綺麗で、アダムの声のスコーンとしたのびっぷりも良く楽しめました♪ ビデオが上がってきましたので載せておきます。 Thanks for the videos and pictures! From cookiefan09′s channel Fever Whattaya Want From Me Strut Music Again 20th Century Boy . From virginiamom980′s Channel Fever (Sideways only the first part) Sleepwalker Soaked Aftermath Sure Fire Winners Strut Music Again IIHY Band/Dancers Intro 20th Century Boy . Pictures! From didilynnPF’s TweetPhoto page

K92 Adam Lambert Lunch

ラジオ局の取材に応じるアダムとM&Gの様子を写した写真がたくさんアップされています。 数枚だけですが貼っておきますね。本当にアダムは忙しいですね。 下にインタビュー動画も貼ってありますので、どうぞ〜。 More pictures on K92 radio 92.3FM facebook page. K92 radio 92.3FM facebook . Find out what type of guy Adam Lambert looks for, and hear Miss Monica get cozy with the American Idol contestant and superstar. You won’t believe the questions she asks…..

SIGHting |

PerezのページにもアダムとKatyの事が書いてあります。 写真はfacebookにアップされていたので、それも載せておきますね。 From Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Susan Sarandon and Parker Posey were all spotted enjoying the AMAZEBALLS music of the Scissor Sisters at their NYC concert last night! Our favorites all at one place! We’re jealous we couldn’t partake in the fun! Hope everyone had a blast! Read More: SIGHting | [...]

Adam Lambert & Katy Perry: Scissor Sisters Concert!

Katyの写真もこちらにはアップされています。 アダムのアップとKatyの写真を一枚ずつアップしておきますが、元サイトにはもう少し写真がありますのでチェックしてみてください。 Katy Perry and good friend Adam Lambert come out to support pal Jake Shears at his Scissor Sisters concert in New York City on Wednesday night (August 25). The concert was also attended by actresses Susan Sarandon and Parker Posey (pictured with Adam below). Katy tweeted, “I (heart) Scissor Sisters!” Later in the [...]