Twitter Party – May 7, 2015

Twitter Party!

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  1. Norma Teabo

     /  2015/05/10

    I usually miss Adam’s Twitter Parties and would love to have a question answered. I have a feeling that I may have been BLOCKED by him at some point and would dearly love to have a chance to change that.

    My Twitter Name is Cybergram 7 and I have made innocent comments from time to time that may have been misconstrued. I have loved Adam totally from the first time I saw him on Idol. I met him in Washington D. C. and couldn’t speak for being so flummoxed!

    I’m 83…and yes, I still have all the emotions that I ever had and that most of today’s fans think they own exclusively, so, altho I doubt this will change anything, I would ANYTHING to have Adam recognize me in any small way…just saying.